Health Care Coordinator, RN

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Adult Day Health Program

ORGANIZATION: Senior Care of Orange County administers the Soltys Adult Day Health Program. The program provides community-based support for adults who require assistance and supervision for their daily health and wellbeing. Participation in the program fosters optimal independence, social connection, and meaningful activities for staff and participants alike.

SUPERVISOR: Executive Director


•         Assess medical condition of prospective program participant with on-site physical examination, and review of physician report. Determine appropriate care level needed in consultation with physician, family, agency representatives, and executive director.

•         Based on contracting agency guidelines, create care plans which incorporate individual needs and preferences of the participant, identify daily medical intervention needs, care partner support levels, and engagement goals to enhance daily routines.

•         Maintain integrity of care plans to reflect daily care routines and update all pertinent records, including emergency contacts and response directives, quarterly minimally or to reflect significant changes in participant’s health status.

•         Provide nursing direct care to program participants as needed, including but not limited to: emergency first aid, wound care, medication administration and monitoring, glucose monitoring, pain management, enteral or parenteral feedings, bladder and bowel management, tracheostomy care and suctioning.

•         Learn and implement care strategies and techniques while supporting participants according to Senior Care Care Policy to ensure consistency and quality of care.

•         Supervise and delegate direct care tasks to certified nursing staff according to licensing scope of practice.

•         Document direct care services rendered in participant medical records, noting responses to medical treatment plans and nursing interventions. Follow up and document on any changes in conditions noted by care partner/CNA staff on site.

•         Manage medical administrative records (MAR), including physician orders, documentation of administration of medications and efficacy as needed. Ensure accuracy of record keeping and appropriate quality and security measures for storage and disposal of medicines and medical waste.

•         Collaborate with Senior Care Board of Directors and Executive Director to advise on care partner hiring and work practices, direct care service policy and procedures, and to consult and make recommendations to community support partners, including contracting agencies, outside medical services, state offices and family care team members.

•         Manage medical supplies and equipment in accordance with state and agency requirements, advising on maintenance or procurement needs to appropriate organization team member.

•         Maintain working knowledge of all documentation and reporting requirements pertinent to job duties for supporting agencies, including but not limited to Orange County Health Department, Veteran’s Administration, Orange County Environmental Health, Orange County Fire Department.

•         Assist with and complete other Soltys Center activities as needed or assigned.



•         Proof of full Covid-19vaccination

•         Valid North Carolina Registered Nurse license

•         Ability to maintain digital and manual health records

•         Stable health status with no conditions present, which would inhibit ability to work with vulnerable populations with signed physician statement.

•         Complete criminal background check

•         Knowledge of community health resources preferred.

•         Experience working with adults with diverse abilities and skills preferred.

•         Kind, compassionate and flexible when interacting with others.

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