6 Ways to Support Living Wage Businesses/Orgs This Holiday Season

1. We have many non-profits on our roster, who work tirelessly to improve our community when it comes to housing, hunger, racial justice, and more. Consider making an end-of-year, tax-deductible donation to one or more of them before 2023 comes to a close. Looking to volunteer over the holidays? Check in with our non-profits about their opportunities to lend a hand!

2. The businesses on our roster love selling gift cards – and the friends and family on your holiday shopping list love receiving them, whether it’s to a restaurant, a specialty shop, a brewery, or a florist.

3. Consider our living wage restaurants when planning holiday celebrations and/or ordering party platters. 

4. Say thank you. If you’re out and about and see an Orange County Living Wage decal, express your gratitude to that business or organization. Acknowledge their efforts to create an economy that works for all. Even better, post your acknowledgement to social media so that others can applaud their efforts as well.

5. Donate to Orange County Living WageOver 260 certified living wage employers appear on our roster. They represent roughly 10% of all workers in Orange County. Grow our living wage movement by making a tax-deductible, end-of-year donation to OCLW. Help us host networking events for our living wage employers/employees, maintain our Job Board, fund promotional efforts for our living wage employers, and most of all, raise workers’ wages!

6. Join our Certification Committee! This involves reaching out to local employers, letting them know about our voluntary certification program and answering any questions those employers may have about our application process. Email us to learn more.

Thank you for showing your appreciation for these positive change makers in our local economy!