Ten Mothers Farm Now Living Wage Certified

Orange County Living Wage is happy to announce that Ten Mothers Farm is now a living wage employer. Ten Mothers Farm is a small farm in Cedar Grove growing organic, nutrient-dense vegetables for a CSA and local restaurants. The farm was founded by Gordon Jenkins and Vera Fabian in 2016.

“The Ten Mothers Farm crew is an incredible team,” says Vera. “Together, we get a lot of work done and grow a lot of food. Making sure that every member of the team makes a living wage shows that everyone is valued and helps them meet the cost of their basic necessities. Farming is hard work and skilled work, and farmers deserve to earn a living wage. Paying a living wage means our farmers have stable, year-round jobs and can stick around longer than one season, which makes our business more resilient. Skilled long-term farmers make for better vegetables and better service for our CSA customers. It’s taken us a number of years to get to this point, but it feels really good to finally be here, and we believe it’s a win-win situation for all of us.”

For more information, go to tenmothersfarm.com.

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Listen as WCHL shares the news of Ten Mothers Farm’s living wage certification!