Meter Services Technician

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Salary range: $37,415.00 – $58,965.00 annually, plus comprehensive benefits package


In this job you will perform field work to read water meters and apply semi-skilled to skilled work in cutting water service off and on and installing and maintaining meters. This job also involves customer service to investigate high usage rates and in assist customers with issues related to water usage and meters.

Specific duties include:

  • Install and maintain water and hydrant meters, locate new taps, program remote-read meters, test meters for accuracy, test taps and customer’s water pressure to ensure they meet the minimal pressure requirements.
  • Perform initial and final meter readings, read/re-read water meters, check functionality of the water meters for high, low or no usage.
  • Terminate water service in accordance with town policies for late payment, vacated premises, and water leaks; tag removed meters indicating route, meter, and house number; re-install meters and turn on water as required.
  • Investigate and resolve difficult water service problems.
  • Investigate and determine water theft and report theft incidents to town management and law enforcement officers as required.
  • Determine and repair, or report, leaks in water meter boxes to water line maintenance.
    Maintain inventory and restock needed supplies.
  • Use hand held and computer devices to collect, enter, and upload data into the centralized billing system; organize and maintain equipment.
  • Advise customers on water line maintenance; notify customers as required by using door hangers regarding high water usage, leakage information, warning of water disconnection due to non-payment, etc.
  • Perform other related work as required.

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