The Lupine School Now Living Wage Certified

Orange County Living Wage is pleased to announce that The Lupine School has certified as a living wage employer.

The Lupine School is a community preschool where the idea of a simple childhood is valued. Its home at 1870 Farm is the perfect spot for nature-based exploration and adventure.

“It is really important to make sure the teachers at our school feel respected, valued, and well compensated for the incredibly important work they do! We are working with the youngest citizens in our community. Cultivating compassion and teaching them what it means to live in a democratic society where their voices matter. That needs to extend not just to the children in our care and their families, but to our employees!” – Amy Magrinat, Director and Teacher

Learn more at www.thelupineschool.com

Listen as WCHL shares the news of The Lupine School’s living wage certification!