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Data-driven jury consulting services.

Jury-X is hiring part-time Legal Researchers to work on-site in our office in Chapel Hill.

Who we are: Jury-X is a tech-enabled professional services firm and litigation consulting company that utilizes technology and a diverse and talented team of researchers to complete social media and public records research to assist with jury selection. We work with top plaintiffs attorneys in civil cases to provide them with the data and insights they need to eliminate juror bias, identify jurors who are sympathetic to their case to help them win their trials.

Legal Researcher Job Description: As a Researcher, you will conduct in-depth research and analysis of potential jurors for the purpose of providing real-time data to attorneys participating in the voir dire (jury selection) process. The primary role of a Researcher is to utilize online archives, public records, and social media to effectively profile the venire using the X-Bias Scale™ and a rules-based matrix to determine pre-existing biases that could affect the outcome of the trial. Our intention is to eliminate jurors who are not open to the Plaintiff’s argument. Researchers are expected to stay on task completing work in a timely manner, according to the schedule outlined by trial managers, the liaison in court, and management. Researchers should be flexible and able to move between trials as needed.

The ideal candidate will have personal accountability skills for results, strong commitment to teamwork in support of the company’s success, adherence to ethical business practices, and comfort operating in a startup environment. Attention to detail and quality, as well as basic computer skills to complete internet research, is required of all Jury-X employees. Researchers must be able to stay focused and calm under pressure, and take direction from multiple sources. Proper organization and communication skills are necessary. Experience with Google Sheets and Google Drive required, as we utilize those platforms to conduct our work.

Because we work directly with attorneys, the hours we have available are very flexible, often come up last minute, and are not guaranteed. Additionally, we are looking for people with availability during business hours-for at least 6 hour blocks, primarily Monday-Friday. You will not be required to work each week, and we do not recommend this position if you need to rely on a part-time job for rent or other living expenses. If you are only available on the weekends or evenings, we likely will not be a good job fit for you. This position is great for people who have availability most Mondays and would like to compliment other part-time jobs or gain experience in law, journalism, sociology and psychology, as well as other fields.

Primary Responsibilities: 

● Compile large amounts of information for the purpose of providing real-time quick reference guides to attorneys participating in the voir dire process.

● Evaluate prospective jurors’ online presence and score them using a scale that quantifies social and behavioral data.

● Collaborate with other researchers in a quick paced environment.

Minimum Requirements: 

● Must be able to perform duties and responsibilities, with or without reasonable accommodation.

● Must have the ability to establish effective relationships with other company employees.

● Must pass all background checks.

● The job description provides a framework for the job; other duties may be assigned as necessary.

Desired Qualifications 

● Good Communication Skills

● Attention to Detail

Education Requirements

High School Diploma or equivalent.


If interested, please apply via our website. Please note that all work is conducted on site. We do not have any remote opportunities available currently.

To apply for this job please visit