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Grow the Living Wage Movement with Your Tax-Deductible Donation

Dear Living Wage Supporter,

During this time of labor shortages and soaring inflation, we’re very proud that Orange County Living Wage (OCLW) is adding new employers to our roster at a record pace. Over 250 certified living wage employers appear on our roster, up from 220 in 2021. They represent 8,800 workers – roughly 10% of all workers in Orange County.

As our living wage community grows, wages climb. Our 2022 living wage is $15.85 per hour, or $14.35 per hour if the employer pays at least half the cost of health insurance. Since OCLW’s launch in 2015, our certified employers have raised wages by a combined $2.8 million to meet our annually adjusted living wage threshold. That extra money makes it possible for lower-wage workers to pay for rent, food, and transportation, with the dollars often spent right here in Orange County.

Will you help OCLW grow our living wage movement by making an end-of-year donation?
▪ For $1,000, sponsor two networking events for our 250 certified living wage employers, creating opportunities for cost-saving collaborations and synergies.
▪ For $250, help us maintain our Job Board, connecting employers to skilled workers and workers to good-paying jobs.
▪ For $150, help us fund publicity for our living wage employers through social media, a bimonthly newsletter, our blog, opportunities to engage with the media, and printed pieces such as brochures.
▪ For $100, supply framed certificates and breakroom posters for 10 certified living wage employers.
▪ For $50, purchase OCLW storefront decals for 10 employers.
▪ For $7.25, remind yourself and others of the unacceptable 13-year-old minimum wage for workers in Orange County.

Make your tax-deductible gift today. Mail a check payable to OCLW at P.O. Box 1502, Carrboro, NC 27510. Or visit our website at orangecountylivingwage.org/donate/. You can also head to our website to view our growing roster of living wage employers – all would appreciate your support this holiday season.

Thank you for doing your part to sustain living wages and create a more equitable economy for everyone in Orange County!